Information for Current Project Partners

Trimester Reports

Trimester Report: Period 1(October 1-January 31), Period 2 (February 1-May 31), Period 3 (June 1-September 30)
Word document - PDF

The documents need to be completed and submitted electronically.
The trimester reports are WORD and PDF documents. If you choose to use the PDF report, it will need to be scanned and submitted electronically.


TnACHE-SEED Calendar of Events

Winter 2014 - February 14: Period 1 Trimester Report Due
Spring 2014 - June 13: Period 2 Trimester Report Due
Fall 2014 - October 15: Period 3 Trimester Report Due
June 10-11 - AHEN Conference, Asheville, NC


School Partners (*Current and Present)





Bledsoe County High School

Jennifer Terry


Claiborne High School

Karen Payne

Cumberland Gap High School

Elizabeth Wilson


Clay County High School

Heather Burnette

Larissa Hollaway

* Cocke

Cocke County High School
Cosby High School

Gary Williams

Sherry Butler

Valerie Fancher


Allardt Elementary

Sam Wood

Pine Haven Elementary

Mahala Lane

South Fentress Elementary

Paytra Young

York Elementary

Marcia Hurley

*Clarkrange High School

Kaye Bridges

Kara Brannon

*York Agricultural Institute

Russell Beaty

Kara Bridges


Grainger County High School

Jill Denton
Dr. Amanda Johnson


North Greene High School

Robin Chapman

Amy Wagner

Dr. Cindy Bowman

West Greene High School

Robin Chapman

Matthew Hunter

Dr. Cindy Bowman

* Grundy

Grundy County High School

Jessie Kinsey

*Cardelia Spicer, Emily Partin


Hancock County High School

Jennifer Yount


Cherokee High School

Amy Kenner

Nancy Barker


Jackson County High School

Deb Whitaker

*Tammy Dodson, Terry Montgomery


Johnson County Middle School

Emogene Smith

* Lawrence

Lawrence County High School

Summertown High School

Sarah Waller

Ben Boston

Lisa Ambrose, Ryan Durham


Lewis County High School

Stacey Hickerson


South Pittsburg High School

Lynn Hale, David Abbott


McMinn Central High School

Anita Scruggs

Matthew Gravley


Meigs County Middle School

Chastity Crabtree

*Meigs County High School

Carmen Andrews

Laura Smith


Central High School
Coalfield School
Oakdale School
Sunbright School

Wanda Lane


Livingston Academy

Bonnie Stapp

Livingston Center for Technical Education

Teresa Johnson


Pickett County High School

Rebecca Wallin

Pickett County Middle School

Kenny Tompkins


Polk County High School

Le-An Thomason

Chilhowee Middle School

Melissa Fugate


Upperman High School

Deb Farley, Jamie Torrence, Sue Neal

Oneida Special School District

Oneida High School

Susan Overton

Oneida Middle School

Oneida Huntsville Centers for Technical Education

Misty West

Van Buren

Van Buren County High School

Phyllis Sullivan


Warren County High School

Carl Curtis


White County High School

Jennifer Murphy

Cain Rogers

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