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This resource will be updated with materials and programs that various schools have implemented across the Appalachian region.

TnACHE-SEED Coordinators "Ideas that Work"

Clay County - A "Step Up to Success" program was developed through collaboration with a local business roundtable. The roundtable created a list of what businesses are looking for in their employees. Different skills or qualities are highlighted at the high school. Awards are provided for students who exhibit these skills or qualities. " E-classes" have expanded dual enrollment opportunities. Clay County expanded their dual enrollment classes through partnerships with Volunteer State Community College and Tennessee Technological University. Students celebrate the amount of scholarship money received by tracking amounts as they are made known.

Cosby High School, Cocke County - Juniors and Seniors created College for TN Accounts as part of increasing their financial literacy.

Fentress County - The "Plant the Seed" program was created to begin the discussion of post-secondary education at the preschool level. "Plant the Seed" billboards are displayed at each of the schools and throughout the county.

The Fentress County - The Joint Economic and Community Development Board partnered with local businesses to proclaim support for the continued efforts of the TnACHE Program and the “Plant the Seed” initiative.

Grundy County - Weekly Senior Seminars provide information about postsecondary access topics, such as applying for college, resume writing, and study skills.

Hancock County - Mailing newsletters to parents increased interest and attendance significantly at the "Parent ACT Information" meeting.

Several Counties have developed Job Shadowing programs as a result of developing business relationships. One school recruited thirty (30) local businesses for its Job Shadowing event.

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